Dog Sweater
Cast on 80 stitches with the circular needle. Make sure to use a marker to show the beginning of the work. Work rib (K2 – P2) for 3 inches. Knit 1 row over all stiches.
Next row, increase in every other purl section for P 2 to P 3. Total stitches = 90.
Continue rib until the piece measures 5-1/2 inches. Now increase the remaining purl sections from P 2 to P 3 = 100 stiches.
Continue with rib (K2 – P3) until the piece measures 6 inches.
Now divide for the front legs, work the next row in rib as follows: cast off the first 2 stitches, work next 22 stiches and then, place them on a thread (mid under chest = 23 stiches). Cast off the next 2 stitches, work the remaining 73 stitches (back piece).
73 stitches. Continue to work rib back and forth over these stitches for 4 inches from the division (the piece measures a total of 10 inches). Leave about 6 inches yarn and cut. Place the stitches on 1 thread. Slip yarn in knitted piece.
Place 23 stitches from under the chest back on the needle and continue rib for 4 inches (the piece measures a total of 10 inches).
Place all the stiches on the circular needle and then, at the same time, cast on 2 new stitches on each side between the chest and back pieces = 100 stitches.
Continue rib as before. When the piece measures 14 inches OR to the desired length, cast off middle 13 stitches in the chest section. Continue working back and forth = 87 stitches. Continue to cast off at the beginning of each row as follows:
- Cast off 2 stitches (2 times) and 1 stitch 14 times, 2 stitches 1 time and 3 stitches 1 time.
Then cast of the remaining 64 stitches with K over K and P over P. The piece measures approx. 17 inches.
Dog's measurements:
Chest: approx. 19/21 inches
Back length: approx. 16 inches
Size suitable for a Cocker Spaniel
1 circular needle needles 4.5 mm
1 ball Baby Luv 120 g
K = knit
P = purl
20 sts and 25 rows = 4 inches (10 cm) with 4.5 mm needles.
The dog sweater is worked in the round with a circular needle from the neck and down towards the front legs. Then the piece is divided for the legs; the back and the chest pieces are continued separately, back and forth. Then you work in the round down the body and finish by working back and forth towards the tail. If you do not have double pointed needles, you can leave the legs opening as is. The whole sweater is worked in rib – it will look small, but is very stretchy.
Knitting Chart