Organza - Scarf
1 skein Organza Yarn
Knitting needles: 5-6 mm (US 8-10)


It is possible that there will be two lengths of fabric in the ball. This is as result of the manufacturing process. To join them, overlap the ends by approximately 4 holes, knit through both layers. The join will not be noticeable in the finished scarf.

Cast on 5 stiches by inserting needle from front to back through the holes across top of the yarn (see fig. 1, 2, 3)

Knit as usual by inserting needle into each hole across top of the yarn (see fig. 4)

Continue knitting each row until nearly at end of yarn. Bind off as usual. Weave in ends.

*Casting on 3 stiches only will yield a longer, narrower scarf.

Knitting Chart