approx 18’’ X 13’’ (45 cm X 33 cm)

T’Riffic Yarn - 2 balls
Needles - US 10.5 (6.5 mm)

Cast 49 stiches. Next row *Knit 7, purl 7* repeat for 7 rows to make squares.
Next row *Purl 7, knit 7* repeat for 7 rows to make squares. Continue knitting alternating every 7 rows.
After making 14 squares high. Purl the next row from one end to the other.
Continue knit 1 row and purl next row to obtain 17 rows.

Cast off. Fold end at the purled row. Sew both ends to make a pocket. Slip stitch 3 sides of the place mat.
Braid 3 strands (30-inch/75 cm long) of T’Riffic yarn. Fasten one end of the braid at the opposite end of the pocket of the placemat. Place the utensils in the pocket along with a napkin, roll-up and fasten with the tie.